Entrepreneurship Essentials

Throughout the 1st week of June 2021, STACCATO ESRs followed an intensive course on Entrepreneurship Essentials where they learned how to effectively translate their ideas into attractive solutions. The training covered various aspects of the development of business cases, including brainstorming sessions and ideas collection, prototyping tools introduction, setting up the business model canvas, getting familiar with visualisation tools and techniques for effective “pitch”. 

On day 1 ESRs had to propose their individual ideas that they would work on in the following days.  

On day 2  all ESRs voted which of the individual ideas were the most exciting to pursuit. After 4 groups were formed, ESRs were introduced to the business model canvas (BMC). 

On day 3 ESRs learned about various prototyping tools that help you create websites, posters, etc.  This part was followed by a presentation from Dr. Akseli Hemminki talking about his experience as an entrepreneur in the biotech field. 

On day 4 ESRs learned useful tips on how to pitch an idea and got a better understanding of the general structure of a pitch.

Day 5 was the last day of the training with the pitching event where all ESRs’ teams presented their idea and prototypes to the judges.


Problem: Wasted material and time because of the limited collaboration possibilities faced by early-stage researchers. 

STACCATO Team: Brian Ladd (ESR5) and Ryan Hagan (ESR6)


Problem: High rates of adverse events and treatments discontinuation due to off-target uncontrollable toxicity of conventional cancer therapies. 

STACCATO Team: Elham Adabi (ESR10) and Filippos Charitidis (ESR9)


Problem: Researchers spend hours wasting time searching for the best value sequencing providers and lack feedback about cost, turnaround time and quality of the service. 

STACCATO TeamTeresa Swift (ESR1), Nikolaus Virgolinin (ESR8) and James Clubb (ESR4)


Problem: Current T1 Diabetes treatments are ineffective.

STACCATO Team: Kelly Blust (ESR11), Alan Foley (ESR2) and Marco Silvano (ESR7)