Pitching research and commercial ideas to varied profit and non-profit parties is a key strategy to achieve better dissemination of results from the STACCATO consortium and develop ESRs skills for the future. Within the STACCATO project, we put special attention to equipping our MSCA fellow researchers with valuable skills through dedicated training. Watch Biotech pitches below!


Problem: Wasted material and time because of the limited collaboration possibilities faced by early-stage researchers. 

STACCATO Team: Brian Ladd (ESR5) and Ryan Hagan (ESR6)


Problem: High rates of adverse events and treatments discontinuation due to off-target uncontrollable toxicity of conventional cancer therapies. 

STACCATO Team: Elham Adabi (ESR10) and Filippos Charitidis (ESR9)


Problem: Researchers spend hours wasting time searching for the best value sequencing providers and lack feedback about cost, turnaround time and quality of the service. 

STACCATO TeamTeresa Swift (ESR1), Nikolaus Virgolinin (ESR8) and James Clubb (ESR4)


Problem: Current T1 Diabetes treatments are ineffective and an innovative solution is required to tackle the societal challenge of the increasing number of people affected by the disease.

STACCATO Team: Kelly Blust (ESR11), Alan Foley (ESR2) and Marco Silvano (ESR7)