Dr. Suvi Sorsa

Position & Role in STACCATO

Suvi si the head of Clinical Resarch at TILT. She acts as main supervisor of ESR4  and is the leader of WP5 Dissemination.


Suvi Sorsa competed her PhD thesis at the Cancer Gene Therapy Group, University of Helsinki and joined TILT Biotherapeutics in 2015. At TILT she has been involved in the development of the TILT´s viruses in every level – from initial studies in mouse models, through regulatory review, and now translating the preclinical research into clinical development.

Key Publications

Havunen, R., Santos, J. M., Sorsa, S., Rantapero, T., Lumen, D., Siurala, M., Airaksinen, A. J., Cervera-Carrascon, V., Tähtinen, S., Kanerva, A. & Hemminki, A. Abscopal Effect in Non-injected Tumors Achieved with Cytokine-Armed Oncolytic Adenovirus. Mol Ther – Oncolytics, 11:109-121, 2018.

Zafar, S., Sorsa, S., Siurala, M., Hemminki, O., Havunen, R., Cervera-Carrascon, V., Santos, J. M., Wang, H., Lieber, A., De Gruijl, T., Kanerva, A. & Hemminki, A. CD40L coding oncolytic adenovirus allows long-term survival of humanized mice receiving dendritic cell therapy OncoImmunology, 15;7(10):e1490856. 2018.

Havunen R., Siurala M., Sorsa S., Grönberg-Vähä-Koskela S., Behr M., Tähtinen S., Santos JM., Rusanen J., Nettelbeck D., Ehrhardt A., Kanerva A., Hemminki A. Oncolytic Adenoviruses Armed with Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha and Interleukin-2 Enable Successful Adoptive Cell Therapy. Mol Ther – Oncolytics 4:77-86, 2017.

Zafar S., Parviainen S., Siurala M., Hemminki O., Havunen R., Tähtinen S., Bramante S., Vassilev L., Wang H., Lieber A., Hemmi S., de Gruijl T., Kanerva A., Hemminki A. Intravenously usable fully serotype 3 oncolytic adenovirus coding for CD40L as an enabler of dendritic cell therapy. In press Oncoimmunology, Dec 7;6(2):e1265717, 2016.

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