Integrating scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq data

Single cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has exemplified recent advances in the anlaysis of transcriptomic heterogeneity, enabling the characterisation of gene expression in individual cells. The utility of scRNA-seq data can be further enhanced through combination with other technologies that have been developed to capture other molecular measurements. For example, single cell assay for transposase-accessible chromatin (ATAC)-seq allows chromatin acessibilty to be determined in individual cells and can be combined with scRNA-seq for a more comprehensive understanding of cell biology.

In the context of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, combined scRNA-seq and scATAC-seq has the potential to uncover regulatory mechanisms that drive traits such as productivity and reveal sites of high transcriptional activity for transgene integration.

Author: Ryan Hagan (ESR6)