The brand new STACCATO PhD Students Podcast is here!

The new STACCATO Podcast is here. In this new format, our talented PhD students will talk about their experiences and research on cells to develop new manufacturing methods for biopharmaceuticals. Every week, STACCATO PhD students provide exciting insights into their research as they share their experiences of working on the STACCATO project. In a first […]

Life as a PhD Student – a new blog post is live

Teresa Swift joined the STACCATO Training Network in 2019 as an Early Stage Researcher working towards her PhD in single cell multi-omics. Approaching the end of her STACCATO project, she takes a look back at her experiences and talks about her life as a PhD student in our latest blog post. Teresa shares her impressions […]

Theofilor Filippos Chartidis (ESR9): Elevator Video Pitch

Theofilor Filippos Chartidis (ESR9) is conducting research on CAR-T cells at the Paul Ehrlich Institute as part of his STACCATO ESR Research Project. CAR-T cells are immune system cells (T cells) of cancer patients, which are equipped with a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) outside the body by means of gene transfer. With the help of […]

3rd place in the Langen Junior Science Award

On 08 April 2022, Filippos Theofilos Charitidis (ESR9) received 3rd place in the Langen Junior Science Award for his publication on “Monitoring CAR T cell generation with a CD8-targeted lentiviral vector by single-cell transcriptomics”. The Langen Junior Science Award is awarded annually in recognition of particularly significant publications by young scientists of the Paul Ehrlich […]

STACCATO has its YouTube channel

“Video is the next wave, and scientists must be prepared for it,” says McKee in her know-how for scientists, The Scientist Videographer. YouTube is a particularly relevant platform because of its enormous reach: it is the second most accessed website worldwide (Alexa, 2020), where 2 billion registered users watch videos monthly. Recognizing the potential that […]

Breaking the Walls of Curing Diabetes

The MSCA Falling Walls Lab is a world-class pitch competition, networking forum, and a stepping stone for the next generation of researchers, innovators, trailblazers, creators, and visionaries. The Falling Walls Lab MSCA competition will take place in one week, online-only on 30 September 2021. Join it to see STACCATO ESR, Kelly Blust pitching her innovative idea […]

STACCATO Wiki online

Our Wiki is online! You can now find explanations for terms related to STACCATO on our website. The content is produced by our ESRs and PIs and will continue to grow. We have also introduced a search function to the website so you can easily search the Wiki and our entire website for the information […]

ESR Blog live

The STACCATO ESRs have started their own blog over at The blog is entirely set up and maintained by the STACCATO ESRs and will feature post about their lives as Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellows, their individual research projects and anything else that might interest the ESRs and the readers.

One PhD position still open

Whilst some of our ESRs have already started their positions and further young researchers will start soon, our partner BD is still taking applications. You can find all important information about the position and how to aply in the open positions section.