The new STACCATO Podcast is here. In this new format, our talented PhD students will talk about their experiences and research on cells to develop new manufacturing methods for biopharmaceuticals. Every week, STACCATO PhD students provide exciting insights into their research as they share their experiences of working on the STACCATO project.

In a first episode, Kelly and Brian (ESR11 and ESR5) introduce the STACCATO project, offering exciting insights into an EU-funded PhD training programme. They talk about their experiences with an industrial PhD and their life and work in Sweden. Listeners will also get to hear a fascinating explanation of the principle of single-cell transcriptome analysis.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Achor. Have a listen right now to experience the STACCATO podcast series from the very beginning.

This week we continue with another episode of our ESR4 James sitting down with his father to talk about STACCATO in an extremely exciting episode. A unique conversation in a light and conversational way, about the promising oncolytic virotherapy and a new promising treatment for cancer. James also offers exciting insights into his research, explaining how single-cell transcriptome analysis is used to guide gene editing strategies to improve the production efficiency of cell lines used in oncolytic virus biomanufacturing.

Stay tuned and follow our new podcast format on Spotify to never miss an episode.