3rd Industry-Academia Networking Training Experience

The third STACCATO Industry-Academia Networking Training Experience, organised by iBET, is taking place 6-10 September 2021. Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions in place, this event will be taking place online. 


Day 1: Project update

Today, the ESRs will present the progress of their individual research projects.

Day 2: STACCATO BioPharma Focus Event - Gene therapy and vaccines

The BioPharma Focus event this year is dedicated to gene therapy and vaccines.  Speakers from beneficiaries and Partner Organisations have been invited to present on the following topics:

  • Gene therapy (José Escandell, iBET & ITQB-NOVA)
  • Establishing a GMP manufacturing process for gene therapies (Alan Griffith, MeiraGTx)
  • Integrated bioprocesses for cell-based vaccines (António Roldão (iBET & ITQB-NOVA)
  • Downstream process development (Cristina Peixoto, iBET & ITQB-NOVA)
  • Advances in analytics for gene therapy and vaccines (Sofia Carvalho, iBET)
Day 3: Career Development Workshop

The Career Development Workshop is dedicated to prepare the ESRs for the future job market, focusing on non-academic career paths. They will receive training from HR experts:

  • How to get hired: CV and interview skills (Michael Heath, MH Consulting)
  • Start Ups in Biotech (David Braga Malta, Vesalius Biocapital)
  • How to creat a team and a culture of success (Hitto Kaufmann, Pieris Pharmacueticals)
  • Working in the biopharmaceutical industry – essential compentencies (Therese Keohane, FastNet recruitment)
  • Ethics in research (Ana Carvalho, ICBAS)
Day 4: Research Career Day

On the Research Career Day, the ESRs will acquire important transferable skills for their future careers with two modules on funding opportunities and grant writing provided by Jeanette Müller and Emily Ciscato from our Partner Organisation accelopment.

Day 5: Working in the non-academic sector

The last of the meeting is dedicated to receiving new insights into working as a researcher in the non-academic sector. The day includes:

  • Insights form the BD ESR – New Product Development (Teresa Swift, BD)
  • A day in the life of a scientist in Industry (Siobhan Cashman, BD)
  • RCI Virtual Tour
  • Panel discussion with Hiring Managers – What do we look for in a candidate? Building a team for success (BD team)
  • Panel discussion – different routes to industry (BD team)