ESR5: Brian Ladd

Host: B5 KTH Royal Insitute of Technology / Supervisor: Prof. Véronique Chotteau

Individual Project

Developing high cell density perfusion culture media through single cell analysis.


High cell density perfusion (HCDP) culture has been identified as a highly potential tool for process intensification for the production of biologics. it is very important to get a better understanding of high cell density perfusion cultures and provide new tools for the development of such processes. In particular, the project will aim at creating methods to design the culture medium used for high cell density perfusion process based on mathematical modelling integrating knowledge of single-cell omics.

Scientific Background

Brian Ladd studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Munich. He has experience in mammalian cell culture and upstream process development. In addition to his wet lab experience Brian is also skilled in mathematical modelling using MATLAB.


  • DOI: Ladd B. (ESR5), Bowes, K., Lundgren, M., Gräslund, T., Chotteau, V. (2022), Proof-of-Concept of Continuous Transfection for Adeno-Associated Virus Production in Microcarrier-Based Culture. Processes 2022, 10(3), 515.
  • Six further publications are being prepared for submission to peer-reviewed journals in 2023.


  • Poster presentation: European Society for Animal Cell Culture Technology (ESACT), Lisbon, Portugal, 26. – 29.06.22.
    The effect of cell density on the plasmid utilization for the production of Adeno-associated Virus via the triple-transfection method.
  • Poster presentation: Advancing Manufacture of cell and Gene Therapies VII, California, USA, 06.02.22.
    An efficient microcarrier based Adeno-associated virus production method.