ESR10: Elham Adabi

Host: B6 Paul-Ehrlich-Institut / Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Buchholz

Individual Project

Following CART T cell generation via single cell transcriptomics and barcoded antibody technology.


ESR10 will apply the use of antibodies in single cell RNA technology (AbSeq) to identify the subtypes and phenotypes of T cells that are preferentially transduced by lentiviral vectors specifically targeted to subtypes of human T cells.

Scientific Background

I obtained my Master Degree in medical biotechnology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. During my masters’ thesis, we investigated a strategy to genetically engineer IL-2, in order to improve the efficacy and pharmacokinetic properties of this cytokine, as a passive cancer immunotherapy agent. Afterwards, as a research assistant in Endocrinology and Metabolism research institute in Tehran, I performed gene expression analysis to set novel biomarkers, and I also gained some experience in the maintenance of Zebrafish Lab. Then, I joined Hannover biomedical research school, where I focused on defining the role of gamma delta T-cells in EBV associated malignancies.