ESR1: Teresa Swift

Host: B2 Becton Dickinson Research Centre Ireland / Supervisor: Dr. Siobhan Cashman

Individual Project

Single cell transcriptomics using the BD Rhapsody.


I will develop new workflows for the BD Rhapsody, supporting the single cell multiomic analysis being carried out by the STACCATO members.

Scientific Background

I have a degree in Biomedical Science from The University of Lincoln, UK, and Master of Science in Human Molecular Genetics from Imperial College London, UK, graduating in 2017.

During my master’s degree, I completed research under the supervision of Professor Julia Gorelik and Dr Ivan Diakonov at the Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine, focusing on the intracellular signalling response of a newly discovered bile acid receptor in neonatal mammalian cardiac cells.

I gained experience in the bioproduction field working as a Scientist at Horizon Discovery prior to joining the STACCATO project. I was involved in the research and development of CHO host cell line, HD-BIOP3.

Conferences and Publications

Work from Teresa’s masters was included in a paper published in peer reviewed journal Scientific Reports.